You ?


Are you the right fit?

We are considering adding an agent to our team, are you the right one?? 

If you are this affiliation can be mutually beneficial to us and our clients.  Clients come first, they are the heartbeat of our business and will be always treated with the utmost appreciation and respect.  They are of primary and paramount importance.

While the office is open to adding to the staff be it a new or experienced agent depends upon finding the right fit.  Who you are, how you present yourself, being open to constant changes, and how you treat or will treat clients is what this is about.  A person with positive energy and the heart to help people is what we are looking for.

If interested, call Eric Lewis @ 530-227-7722

On this page:

Your photo, email address, phone number, unique description and client reviews can be included for your new and existing clients review. 

You can also use your personal name as the page title in place of "your-name-here" to direct your clients and for your Business Card and Advertising.

We'll set you up with a personalized email address such as your name at Sunset Real if you would like that.

Experience and Specialty

This area can be formatted (or removed) in a way that works best for you!!  Here's one example"


  • Born and Raised in
  • Raising 3 kids at home
  • 5 Grand children
  • Loves to use the local Bike trails plus Kayak in the local lakes and rivers.


  • High School
  • College
  • Special Training & Experiences
  • Previous work experience

Real Estate Business

  • Real Estate Industry since 2012
  • etc.
  • etc.

We look forward to hearing from you and of course it will be kept confidential!